There will be a Civil War taking lace in CEL's on 9 February, 2019


[29 January 2019 22:22] Bxtch.: :crossed_swords: EU TEAMMODE WAR CHALLENGE :crossed_swords:

Let's start off with that this event is gonna be a bit different than usual so please read all the info.

  • Date: Saturday The 9th.
  • Time: 19:30 - 21:30 European time, GMT+2. (Dm me if you can't, And suggest a different time)
  • Goal: Having fun, no winner, no Losers, having great fights, enjoying teammode.
  • Info: For this event i wanted to reexplore the times before chats, before friendpolicy. Similar to SNF for this event there will be 2 random servers each lasting 30-40 minutes, no premade teams, everyone will be going incog. The goal is that nobody joins a color with a friend, nobody tells anyone their color, you will have a completely random and anonymous team, see it as a way to challenge yourself, nowadays we all kinda cheat and join a server with a friend, even with snf we're all guilty of telling that one friend our color etc. For this event i want to challenge all of you to join randomly, random name, random color, please be honest about this and DON'T tell anyone to join you or which color you are, or which name you're using. The times before you even knew anyone and just randomly played on a random team in a random server. The only way to accomplish this is if EVERYONE does this, so i ask of all of you please be fair. There will be some rules regarding names, there will be no sign up you can join if you'd like or not at all. After the war you can dm me with which name you used so i can reveal them after the war. If you have questions feel free to dm me.
  • Rules
    • Don't tell anyone your color.
    • Don't join with a friend.
    • Don't spare anyone who isn't on your team.
    • Don't tell anyone your name.

[2 February, 2019; 18:10]

  • Names: For this war everyone will be going incog, after carefull consideration and hearing people's opinions we decided everyone will be allowed to create a name of their own, Now please USE names nobody knows, a completely random name you'll only use for this war, no Known incogs.
  • No capital letters.
  • No emoji use.
  • No dots.
  • No known incog names you've used before or 2-3 people know about.
  • Dont play unnamed intentionally. if it gets censored it isnt your fault, but dont intentionally play unnamed pls.



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