CEL's hangout will host an Civil War on October 11, 2018 on 18:00:00 UTC


16:34] Bitcheh😇: :notebook: EU TM War

  • Date - Thursday 11th of October.
  • Time - 20:00 - 22:00 GMT+2.
  • Goal - First team to get a TA Wins, First 20 minutes of playing are save so this means whoever gets a ta within 20 min, hasnt won yet, after 20 min so 20:20 Everything counts.

:exclamation: Important side note :exclamation:Edit

For this war i tought about bringing back a war we already did once before, most of you will remember it from beercans chat, it was originally @JasMinE his idea and was verry liked.


Basically, Everyone will normally sign themselves onto the war if they choose to participate, BUT, None of you will know who your teammates are, i will post the teams normally but i will dm everyone personally with the name they will be using. We're all gonna use the names of the people who signed up but i will switch the names with people at random, So for example if i DM khazra that he'll be using floris his name, if you see floris its in reality khazra, so basically just switching names but NONE of you will know who the other people are untill after the war. if you still have questions about this then please DM me.

Normal rules apply, please react with the heavy checkmark if you want to participate, (even if you join later then 20:00) if you cannot make it please remove your checkmark. @EventBishes😎(edited)

8 October 2018Edit

[13:33] Bitcheh😇: @EventBishes😎 due to personal issues i wont be able to organise this war on Friday. So i moved it to thursday the 11th. My apologies if that causes any inconvenience


In Round 1, blue won because the event had senses of confusion throughout the game. Blue also won the second game because germii and chechen, a powerful duo, stacked in the event

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