Burdenates are red dots summoned by Karthus and they attack Lumicons.


  1. Warrior burdenates: Burdenates which destroy buildings and hide in rubble in Alphaverse Wars 1 and 2
  2. Arhitect burdenates: Burdenates who stay in Karthus' Lair and build graveyards and other buildings for more Burdenates to be summoned.
  3. Nightshade Empire Savages: Burdenates who intentionally attack Nightshade Empire. They usually throw a burmojenate and also mainly target Rolleye.
  4. Blazered burdenates: See The Warpler
  5. Shifelings: Burdenates, flying imps or Karthus Disaster burmojenates which intentionally fight the Pole of Leadership Empire or the Red color constant
  6. Vistalings: Burdenates and flying imps that attack the Enviroball Empire
  7. Clastrones: Burdenates prominently forming the Tengrimu Pyroclastorne Empire, invading Tetramounts and Zeldaforme.
  8. LumiLab burdenates: see below
  9. Pole of Leadership burdenates: Burdenates who intentionally fire darts at media or kill lumicons guarding it.

In the LumiLabEdit

A Lumi-Lab burdenate is a "dummy" proto-lumicon that has a surname deemed as "burdenous". It'll damage experiments if low pix is used. Burdentes "dummy" proto-lumicons in a one-in-393.625 chance.

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