British demon aka Eye of Shife was a Vistaling Karthium Boss that frequently crossteams with members of the Red color constant. He was the 2018 equivalent of Tengrimu and the strongest vistaling in the alphaverse after Vista's Cat.


British demon was a previous Red color constant member before the Partners of Shife lured him during the Karthus disaster. He stayed in Karthus' Lair until February 24, 2018, hours before an SNF. He spied on a relay between the Flim port of the Discord Tetramount and the Red color constant. After those shenanigans were over, British Demon remember seeing a-lpha tag JP and jailed him from that port for 1 hour and 40 minutes.

  • [10:15 AM] a-lphazelf: @JP were you here in my turnaround? I was Sg
  • [9:41 PM] POP: @a-lphazelf stop being an attention whore tagging him all the time
  • [9:47 PM] a-lphazelf: stfu
  • [9:47 PM] [BOT]Dyno: 🤬 up
  • [10:09 PM] POP: ?mute @a-lphazelf 100 stfu
  • [10:09 PM] [BOT]Dyno: :dynoSuccess: a-lphazelf#8380 has been muted.
  • [...]
  • [8:51 AM] a-lphazelf: @POP seriously, there was no reason to mute me. i'm nort an attention whore
  • [...]
  • [9:02 AM] POP: @a-lphazelf there was. You have now learned to not be disrespectful to me so well done
  • [9:09 AM] a-lphazelf: and you don't tell me off for mentioning JP
  • [10:53 AM] POP: Well I did and I will if I want to
  • [12:11 PM] !poptato: go POP you tell him :smiley:
  • [7:05 PM] Dark: >mentions JP expecting him to respond
  • [7:05 PM] Dark: slowly dying inside
  • [7:06 PM] Dark: also yells "STFU!!!11" and expects to not have a punishment
  • [7:06 PM] Dark: braincells
  • [7:06 PM] Dark: USE THEM
  • [...]
  • [3:39 PM] POP: haha dark understands

On March 2, 2018, he tried to knock off the Squad port of the Discord Tetramount by making Liss and Lils speak a language that the Unialphavisium can't see.

  • [8:52 PM] Lils: We respect that you don't want to talk in vc, so respect that people want some privacy every once in a while @a-lphazelf If you complain about this more, I will kick you :triumph:

On March 6, he crossteamed with Liss to send a Spam chain message showing that Discord closes down on June 30, but it's actually a hoax saying that it was a spam chain message.

  • [8:04 PM] a-lphazelf: @POP This is an inmortant message. I have to post this to 2 more to keep my account alive, dont ban me
  • [8:05 PM] POP: ?mute @a-lphazelf 100 you are a 🤬 if you believe those spam chain messages
  • [8:05 PM] BOTDyno: :dynoSuccess: a-lphazelf#8380 has been muted.
  • [10:07 PM] a-lphazelf: @POP you're just stricter than some other admins on Discord. Xeon should've stayed here, you were also being a bit rude :head_bandage:
  • [10:08 PM] POP: @a-lphazelf I’m not strict. You are just dumb

After that, he contributied to PArtners of Shife's plan to kill players of the Red color constant until he was elimianted by Sauna Girl on April 30, 2018.

The Ghost of British Demon is a normal flying imp. It has caused minor shenanigans after the british demon disaster, the worst of which is the knocking-off of the JP and JP/Wun Wun ports on April 10, 2019, and was not noticed until 11 days later

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