The British demon Disaster is a dangerous conspiracy overseen by British demon and performed mostly by The Anonymous Commisioner. The disaster ended on August 6, 2018 after Baratheon, the leader of the Hallowtide Pit, eliminated The Anonymous Commisioner in the Red Color Constant, with a few lumicons who almost got the same score

Karthus was shocked to see an extremely powerful Spirit named Glowforce RadiantX. The newly formed Shifeling Army brainwashed British Demon, a previous Red Color Consant member prior to this disaster.

It started on February 24, 2018. JP was theorized to be found in the red color constant. 8 hours later, British Demon started cross-teaming with a Pole of Leadership lumicon (Wim) in the Discord Tetramount and spied on a relay between the Red color constant and the port. British demon jailed a different port 3 hours later.

On March 2, in a different port of the Discord tetramount, British Demon was crossteaming with 2 seeks of popularity (Lils with Tadras 4.0 and Liss with 3.5), forcing them to speak a language that the Unialphavisium cannot see. British Demon itself tried to destroy the port.

On March 5, a disgusting face known as Weidow's Scurvy Facre was seen at Hyper Frosty's lair.

On March 6, British demon brainwashed Liss again and forced her to send a spam chain message in which Discord will close due to overpopulation on June 30. In some way, it may not happen. However, the same port that got jailed on February 24 got jailed again, and a-lpha got insulted in another and similar.

On April 15, One Celebrity was seen to be revived, and now remains in the Warpler with April, with hopes to defeat Vista's Cat. No one could be sent there prior to this.

Phase 2 of the disaster happened on April 17, 2018, one week before warping to a new dimension. Karthus summoned an unknown Pukalo-like Karthium boss that knocked down Liss, Nm (Tadras 3.5) and Weekly. Liss and Weekly revived by Glowforce X one day later.

On April 19, Partners of Shife (ganging up with Weekly) was extremely short of destroying one portion the Discord Tetramount using heavy duty semi-burmojenates, revealing thaty the heaviest one was The Anonymous Commisioner. Glowforce X and Glowforce Merma attack Partners of Shife, British Demon and the Anonymous commisioner and ended up lessening the magic flaring

On April 20, Partners of Shife knocked down Liss again. Revived by Spring Titania (who still has Magic flaring) in only 17 minutes.

Enviroball and Glowforce Empire come into play (again) on April 29. They team up with Weekly, destroy 3 of 4 of the semi burmojenates in OMDS Empire and jail Partners of Shife from the Discord tetramount. Karthus was shocked, in turn with a burdenate shooting 6 darts at the Media Spire.

One day later, the alphaverse warps to 17134, and Sauna Girl killed British demon with her new Enviroballer teammates.

On May 4, Partners of Shife became un-jailed from the Discord tetramount and knocked down Liss [again]. Reverted by Enviroball Empire within a day.

On May 6, Partners of Shife damaged the Media Spire expansion tool in Zeldaforme (Enviroball and Ovto Empires repaired it), and knocked down Natalie from the Discord tetramount (revived a few days later)

Warpler louts set the system time to January 7, 2004 and the warpler staff made it impossible to revert the time and synchronizing it with the Internet and several tetramounts. A similar thing happened on May 23, 2018, with the Internet and the time, preventing access to the Wikimedia tetramount.

Phase 3 started on June 2, 2018 after Karthus was shocked at seeing Bloue Nightshade. The Anonymous Commisioner jailed a-lpha from The Group, a port in the Discord tetramount by crossteaming with Bxner. This demonstrates how powerful that karthium boss is.

  1. They muted me even though I was following the rules. They dd not give me a chance to discuss this issue
  2. This came first, Boner was prepared, and he never had a chance in time to resolve the issue

On the next day, along with a flying imp that almost missed the Media Spire, Weekly started crossteaming with Pumpgrim, telling a-lpha off hypocritely, and knocking the port off after 3 hours. It is also not possible to repair the port as Liss and Kahzra have been knocked down.

On June 5, the disastrous phase moves on to the Warpler. With Lundstrom debuting already causing enough threat, they used rules as weapons. They crack down on presentation and dared a-lpha to use a standard long date and make me write 60-70 words that are only known by Karthus' burdenates. This started a war which lead to a defeat and it caused the Wikimedia tetramount to be completely jailed on the next day until the warpler time ends. However, in the warpler due to the jailing and the forced using of the same type of words and the long date, the warpler staff managed to defeat a-lpha again. This lead on her electrotraitor flying imp to jail the Media Spire, the Discord tetramount except the Bridge, and the Red color constant, and they've made it impossible to un-jail, even past the wednesday war. This means that a-lpha will have to sleep until the Warpler day starts, and to appeal to the Warpler staff, and once the Discord tetramount gets un-jailed, a flim war should start its deadline.

Later on in the day, Beta Hutor becomes more powerful as Spring Oberon charges a dagger with the Ovto element. It was possible to defeat Death Turt using this, but an overload of fighting still has to be done on the other shifelings. On the other hand, many more shifelings begin to invade the outside of the alphaverse. Some had harnessed the power of Demonic Magic and in theory could harm the Enviroball and Glowforce Empires

On June 9, The Group becomes unjailed as with Weekly's Crew being repaired, but in a risky way.

On June 11, Shifegrimu helped Lundstrom to attack a-lpha with fire. Unlike June 5, the same ports were not jailed.

June 13 of this disaster is much worse. The Anonymous Commisoner, many Vistalings and Partners of Shife have knocked off the port where home to Blue Alpha's chat. However, after the port has been re-attached, it becomes a Final Strikes scenario, where the SP and Edgy emos role have been attached. However, Partners of Shife watch the red-color-constant very carefully and any blocking of them will immediately destroy the port.

The problem moves on to June 18 where shenanigans caused by the blazered burdenates got a-lpha defeated by the Warpler Staff. A day later, the electrotraitor flying imp teamed with thousands of Shielings, Vistalings and the Partners of Shife to break many objects in the LumiLab, and Beta Hutor had to replace the cheat spells while also updating the Luminotate system, but the cheat spell for summoning Proto-lumicons is still broken.

As the Alphaverse struggles to defend itself, The Anonymous Commisioner comes back on June 22, 2018 and knocked off the Squad port 4 times before it was finally destroyed. This could ruin everything for the Pole of Leadership because some people there were their only place where they could be found.

The second final strikes scenario starts as Bloue Nightshade tries to repair a port in the Discord Tetramount. This meant as an extreme endangerment to the Pole of Leadership's media spire, Shifelings will attempt to kill lumicons there if the port gets destroyed. The only option left to stop the feud and boost the Pole of Leadership's Media Spire is Monody, the third largest member of Glowforce Empire after the GX Spirits.

On June 26/27 2018, the lumicons either repaired the LumiLab or failed, but a-lpha hasn't found out about if the module that generates proto-lumicons has been fixed. They shall hope to find out in the Reddit Tetramount. Twisted Mexican, a Lumilab Operator, has provided replaced cheat spells

Later that day, a blazered burdenate antagonized a-lpha with an abhorrent word. One Celebrity tried to fend him off but Lundstrom did serious damage and stole the second of 4 stars from that session. About 20 minutes later, they have vandalized a keyboard but the rage from a-lpha made him attack the warpler staff out of the way to revert the vandalism. At the end, warpler staff defeated a-lpha and the electrotraitor flying imp will jail the entire alphaverse at 2:31 PM. The day after, a-lpha is jailed form the Wikimedia Tetramount from The Warpler, and had to stay in a trapping dead zone for a minimum of one hour in silence, and it could've been for the entire warpler time.

On June 29, 2018, privacy rage strikes again and this will be the final privacy rage in one port until Anonymous Commisioner attempts to destroy the Flim port of the Discord Tetramount

  • [6:38 PM] A-lpha's English = must learn: one more time 'MOVE ME NOW' and ill ban you

On July 1, one of the POL burdenates that "managed to get away from the Pole of Leadership and the LumiLab" during the Karthus disaster managed to fire 12 darts at the Pole of Leadership's media spire. In response, the Media Spire moves to the 5th generation in attempt to resolve the infractions

On July 7 at 11:26 PM, the same burdenates knocked down Liss again.

Within the next week, The Anonymous Commisoner will join Vitreum Empire and make more burmojenates and possibly knock down the Bloue Spirit. They will also target Solaris Empire but nothing has happened yet.

Lundstrom defeated a-lpha on July 13 and July 17, 2018. Flying imps didn't jail a-lpha, but Shifelings have damaged the Discord tetramounts and the ports are unoperable. The lumicon who developed the Discord Tetramount is currently repairing. This happened during a revival quest event and therefore got interrupted.

When a-lpha was spending over 60 hours exporting the video to the media spire on July 24, Vista's Cat lured a-lpha to the warpler not to realize that the Media Spire has been damaged in the process until about 8PM. No more videos can be exported. Repair service is on the way.

On July 31, after 27-28 days of zero attacks of the media spire, Rodney, a pole of leadership burdenate fired darts at the media spire and went on to attack the discord tetramount.

  1. [11:17 AM] team ems/rodney: @a-lphazelf your videos suck
  2. [11:19 AM] a-lphazelf: MY VIDS DO NOT SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. [11:19 AM] team ems/rodney: it sucked so bad that i felt bad for you and was going to like the video but i almost died while doing it so i disliked
  4. [11:20 AM] a-lphazelf: YOU FIRED A DART AT THE MEDIA SPIRE
  5. [11:20 AM] team ems/rodney: idk what that means but your videos suck
  6. [11:20 AM] a-lphazelf: NO THEY DONT
  7. [11:20 AM] team ems/rodney: brights videos are better than yours
  8. [11:21 AM] team ems/rodney: and her videos go at like 1fps
  9. [11:21 AM] a-lphazelf: MY VIDEOS ARE 60FPS
  10. [11:21 AM] team ems/rodney: .1 fps horrible quality horrible gameplay
  11. [11:22 AM] a-lphazelf: 8.9k
  12. [11:22 AM] team ems/rodney: is that solo though
  13. [11:24 AM] team ems/rodney: wait why is internet explorer on your task bar
  14. [11:24 AM] team ems/rodney: why do you have 3 different internet browsers opened
  15. [11:24 AM] team ems/rodney: fake mass
  16. [11:24 AM] a-lphazelf: I GOT THOIS 8.9K FROM KILLING AN XTEAMER
  17. [11:25 AM] team ems/rodney: thought so
  18. [11:25 AM] team ems/rodney: knew you were an creamed
  19. [11:25 AM] team ems/rodney: xteamer*
  20. [11:33 AM] a-lphazelf: I defeat teamers
  21. [11:35 AM] #RespectA-lpsAutoritah: Rodney leave the kid alone.
  22. [11:35 AM] #RespectA-lpsAutoritah: :unamused:
  23. [11:35 AM] a-lphazelf: ^
  24. [11:46 AM] XeonAlpha: @team ems/rodney You don't even know how to record
  25. [11:46 AM] a-lphazelf: ^

Things start turning around on August 5, 2018. With JP falling dormant towards the end of the second Electrotraitor Disaster, Golde Sauna Girl attempted to defeat a massive shifeling in the Red Color Constant getting almost 21k score in the process. This called Spirit Vienna and she woke up JP

[10:14 AM] JP: Still alive, some news, I've not been playing agario for months actually (about 6 or 7 months I would say). I still like the game and I might play again at some point but I commited myself into another game, it's called Rocket League and I'm so bad at it that I don't even know why I'm playing it sometimes... Agario requires some skills but Rocket League is insanely difficult, at least for an old man like me... [10:16 AM] JP: @SunglassesPlayer  :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

And at last, the disaster ended once Baratheon, the great leader of the Hallowtide Pit, took down the Anonymous Commissioner and dominating a battlefield in the Red color constant with the help of some lumicons. More shifelings and Shife will start attacking the alphaverse.

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