• Ozziene

    This is a draft Discord server for everything about the alphaverse.

    Status: Suggestions Open. This discord server is currently draft. It requires user conduct to allow this discord server to be created. If we get enough positive feedback, this server may be created at the arrival of Dimension 1809, which may be October 16, 2018.

    This discord server cannot be possible if multi-game Discord chats are against their Terms of Service.

    1. Server name: The Alphaverse
    2. Region: Western Europe
    3. Default Notification Settings: Only mentions
    4. Verification Level: None
    5. Explicit Content Filter: On for members without "Autoconfirmed"
    6. Widget: On for this wikia

    Channels are set in this order to make sure the connect header is in the correct spot.

    1. Group: General
      1. Text: README
        1. P…

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