Beta Hutor is a burdenate hunter with over 367 million pix. It hunted 2 burdenates for over 1.07 million lumia. It is the first mythical burdenate hunter.
Beta hutor

Beta Hutor with 2 dead burdenates

In lumicon experiments Edit

It was originally chosen as a proto-lumicon with the amplifiers "ZFF" and "3-a". However, when Delta Burdo was introduced in Plasma Ovto, it was redirected with the burdenate and then used as a burdenate hunter.

In the assessment phase, due to its high parity and being in a style outfit made its pix reach over 367 million, and being the 3rd largest lumicon after a-artifact and rosemow bush.

Outside Edit

She attached 2 ports to the Discord Tetramount and fought and survived the Karthus disaster, while also calling the Spring spirits to guard the Pole of Leadership

Specs Edit

Trivia Edit

  • It is currently the 3rd largest lumicon including artifacts. The ones higher than Beta Hutor are the a-artifact and the rosemow bush
    • Gold dust star ranks 4th
    • Flower queen ranks 5th
  • It is the largest burdenate hunter as of May 2017
  • The reason for its high pix is mainy due to its high parity and being in a style outfit. Having 3 abilities and being a ZFF

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