Bellwethering powers (aka a deity) are essentially more powerful than the average power or ability of a typical life state and thus is signature to a select few characters. It was inspired by the Redditorium Tetramount. Any known life state that use a power exclusive to a natural definition without being it as such is considered a bellwether. Many are given with faer crystal amulets.


12800+ power scoreEdit

All life states in this range have at least one signature power, such as a spirit-exclusive power, smoke-phantom-exclusive powers, and signature powers of powerful natural definitions. It is very rare to encounter a ground-magisterium life state with under 12800 power score with those powers

25600 and infinite power scoreEdit

This is a higher stage of bellwethering powers. It is rarely found on life states with less than 25600 power score and never found on life states at less than 12800.

Father of the VersesystemEdit

Father has exclusive creative deities that allow him to create an infinite world in a reasonable amount of time. He has the power to create stellar objects (all except meteors and moons are exclusive to him.) Creation of meteors is a 12.8k bellwethering power. Creation of moons is a 25.6k bellwethering power and the life state or engine can only control the moon created.

Son of the VersesystemEdit

Has the exclusive power of descending from God of the Versesystem to be a life state that always obeys God of the versesystem, and when it dies, it returns to God of the versesystem, damaging the Devil of the Versesystem

Holy Spirit of the VersesystemEdit

Has an exclusive power of guiding all life states to the God of the Versesystem.

Devil of the VersesystemEdit

The malevolent counterpart of the Holy Spirit of the Versesystem. Has an exclusive power of making any life state suffer. It is a smoke phantom that can transform into a snake or goat to access areas outside of lairs, and does it via 12.8k bellwethering powers

Galeem and DharkonEdit

  • As Galeem is in control of all stars in the Versesystem, it has a 25.6k power to charge faer crystals using stars, and summon lumicons/spirits on faer floors.
  • As Dharkon is in control of all blood moons in the Versesystem, it has a 25.6k power to charge lair crystals using blood moons, and summon burdenates/smoke phantoms on lair floors.
  • Their powers of vaporizing life states into spirits is a 25.6k bellwethering power.
  • All other attacks they can do (laser net, shadow eruption, lens flare, temporal rift) are not bellwethering powers per-se but are used by the most prolific lumicons of a network (such as Baratheon and Nightshade therian)

Powers used to summon a lower member of the Versesystem MagisteriumEdit

To make lumicons possible, God of the Versesystem summoned Galeem and created stars early on in the creation of the Versesystem. Galeem controls the stars to summon Faer Energy from inside a star. The faer energy lands on a faer crystal to energize it and a spirit sprouts out. The spirit sprays magic from its wand to the ground to create land. A flower evolves to a lumicon bud and separated from the stem, spawning a lumicon.

Lumicons bearing land, neutrals bearing eggs, or burdenates bearing cursed landEdit

Lumicons bearing land that means they will give birth to another lumicon basically means hat they will lose HP over time unless the lumicon is a 12.8k bellwether. This does not apply to lumicons who can summon dragonflies or burdenates that can summon flying imps

Lumicons with spirit or steam phantom powers and burdenates with demon or smoke phantom powersEdit

Lumicons that have spirit powers (creating land) or steam phantom powers (summoning lumicons in faers using stars) are exclusively 12.8k bellwethers

Lumicons with faer crystals or burdenates with cursed crystalsEdit

Any lumicon wearig a faer crystal will be given a bellwethering power of any type, but will very rarely produce a spirit.

Lumicons with faer energy or burdenates with lair energyEdit

Lumicons that can charge up faer crystals can do it with very little power as a 12.8k bellwether or normally as a 25.6k bellwether

Land with spreading budsEdit

Land that has been tended by a leprechaun will occasionally create lumicon buds that splits into spirit energy, making more land.

Land that gives birth to spirits, steam phantoms, demons or smoke phantomsEdit

Land that has been tended by a bellwethering landtender will occasionally create a spirit instead of a lumicon

Land with spreading faer/lair energyEdit

Land that has been tended by a bellwethering leprechaun will occasionally charge up faer energy

Spirits/steam phantoms that can charge up faer crystals or demons/smoke phantoms that can charge up lair crystalsEdit

A bellwethering spirit may be able to charge up faer crystals normally as a 12.8k bellwether

Natural definition transformationsEdit

Many life states that can transform between natural definitions (and all that can transform between 3 or more life states) are bellwethers with the exceptions:

  • Shifeling to vistaling
  • Flying imp to clastrone
  • Clastrone to Shakespearian Witch
  • Witch to cat
  • Wizard to witch
  • Wizard to mage
  • Elf to leprechaun
  • Interchangeably adding an additional life state (werewitches for example) with the bellwether-exclusives being:
    • Leprechaun
    • Merma
    • Redditoria
    • Quintessent flying imps, minions and dragonflies
    • Any member of the hierarchy above ground-state (spirits, smoke phantoms, etc)
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