The Hallowtide Parties are events hosted every October of a year. This was done more than 1,200 times, and one of the main reasons why the Continent of Theon is dominant with power.

731th Hallowtide PartyEdit

There were no Hallowtide Parties before 731 AD because Lord Baratheon, Arch-aristocrat of Halloween was not born.

However, sometime before October 731, the Rainbow Dart raised a dark forest site by repeatedly throwing magic off of a star in the Redditorium Planetary System (which was not explored at that time) towards the location of several burdenate-inhabited sites near a shoreline archipelago, resulting in some burdenates dying while others escape. Rainbow Dart is so far from a faer crystal that pumpkins are endemic in the location. Rainbow Dart reflects her energy to the star once more while skillfully shooting some of her power towards where the reflected shot was landing. This resulted in an overgrown mass containing spooky colors (orange, black, purple and green). The mass was tended so much by bats and spiders that the land reached a record-breaking 11,687 power score, which is only 49 stronger than Rainbow Dart.

It took almost a month after that the Theon Plant's giant bud ripened and in turn landed on the ground into Lord Baratheon, who as of that time had no kills or learned Delta Moves.

By October 31, 731, the end of the 731st Hallowtide Party, Baratheon killed 200 burdenates, and on November 7, started to learn the "Fire Trap" counter attack.

732nd Hallowtide PartyEdit

This is the first Hallowtide Party since Baratheon learned "Fire Trap". The hordes of burdenates from multiple lairs and rack pits started increasing as Bara's Squad of witches with primitive Soulcraftery knowledge (finding a pix flake and a ghost and binding them together in a Witch Cauldron).

In October 732, there were very few Engines in the Continent of Theon, and every Forager Witch who took pix flakes, fossils and ghosts to their cauldron were able to restore life with a touch of a Spirit's magic. Most of their outcomes are zombies and skeletons; very rarely do they soulcraft a non-undead or vampire.

1,000th Hallowtide PartyEdit

In the first 270 years of the hallowtide Pit, Baratheon killed 15,000 burdenates, and found Dharkon only once. Baratheon scored his 10,000 burdenate kill against a burdenate by using his newly learned Delta-move Thorn Spray (Level 1).

During those years of the Hallowtide Pit, the site expanded from just one mansion to about 100 haunted buildings with sites for soulcraftery

1,500th Hallowtide PartyEdit

In the next 500 years of the Hallowtide Pit, Baratheon reached 40,000 burdenate kills, found Dharkon a few more times, and learned how to use Shadow Eruption and Temporal Rift (Level 1). Before learning those delta moves, the Horde of Burdenates continued increasing, and Baratheon narrowly avoided death several times. One of the strongest servants Baratheon had was Queen Mab.

1,888th Hallowtide PartyEdit

In that Hallowtide Party, the pit was covered in dense fog. The Rainbow dart returned to the pit to summon Rosabel on October 14, who converted all the fog in that pit into pix flakes

1,900th Hallowtide PartyEdit

By 1900 AD, Baratheon had killed 100,000 burdenates, and played a major part in the Copydirection War. During the next 400 years Baratheon learned Thorn Spray II.

Baratheon's main building evolves from a haunted mansion into a giant labyrinth dungeon-like haunted mansion.

1,923rd Hallowtide PartyEdit

This is the first Hallowtide Party to take place after the birth of Julius the Cat, the first member to inhabit the large Disney Monument, which is over 750km away.

1,932nd Hallowtide PartyEdit

At this time, Baratheon killed 130,000 burdenates, and this is the first Hallowtide Party to take place after the birth of the Aemos group

1,940th Hallowtide PartyEdit

After the first Spirit at the Disney Monument had been raised, Baratheon saw a fifth vision of Dharkon, and learned Temporal Rift II, and Baratheon killed his 150,000th burdenate with it. After over 1,200 years of raising a horde of witches, undeads, werewolves and clowns, the Hallowtide Pit has over 500 buildings and about 25 mansions.

1,974th Hallowtide PartyEdit

1974 was the first year since Baratheon saw Spirit Mercury from the Skyskor Faer. Baratheon saw Mercury fly rapidly across the mansion, one of the rarest sights in modern history. For 1974, Baratheon found a lonely tower barely outside the Hallowtide Pit known as the Tower of the Gale, and it was revealed to be owned by Nightshade therian, revealed to have learned Shadow Eruption as a Delta-move, and Baratheon wanted to recruit her for the next Hallowtide Party.

Baratheon got his 300,000th kill in this Hallowtide Party as a result of Nightshade therian's contributions

1,998th Hallowtide PartyEdit

All buildings in the Blobmoji Pit had been completed on September 24, 1998 in time for a Hallowtide Party, but no one was sent there. Despite this, Baratheon reached 450,000 burdenate kills at that time, including 50 Corrupteds. Yet the Hallowtide Pit is still a dense rural site, as it was when it first started.

1,999th Hallowtide PartyEdit

The Doodle Engine built in the Blobmoji Pit generated two pumpkins at the Hallowtide Pit. This increased the influx of lifestates at the site.

2,000th Hallowtide PartyEdit

The Doodle Engine generated two more carved pumpkins and a spider at the Hallowtide Pit. This increased the influx of lifestates at the site.

Baratheon reached half a million burdenate kills, and thanked Nightshade therian for her help. On August 24, 2001, she moves to the alphaverse

2,001st Hallowtide PartyEdit

The Doodle Engine generates a pumpkin, a grey cat, and a ghost at the Hallowtide Pit.

2,002nd Hallowtide PartyEdit

The Doodle Engine generates a pumpkin and three bats.

2,003rd Hallowtide PartyEdit

The Doodle Engine generates a pumpkin and a powerful Ghost Forager

2,004th Hallowtide PartyEdit

The Doodle Engine generates a witch and its cauldron, creating the first Primitive Soulcraftery structure that was created outside the Hallowtide Pit.

2,005th Hallowtide PartyEdit

The Doodle Engine generates six bats and a powerful Ghost that resembles the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.

2,006th Hallowtide PartyEdit

The Doodle Engine generates fossils and soulcraftery material that can be used to create Pharaohs

2,007th Hallowtide PartyEdit

For the first time, despite the arrogance of Demonishife and her cats and flying imps, the Warpler proved highly beneficial to the site. Influx increased, and Baratheon scored his 600,000th kill.

2,008th Hallowtide PartyEdit

The Doodle Engine generates a pumpkin with carving remnants, followed by a candle.

2,009th Hallowtide PartyEdit

The Doodle Engine generates a Halloween Candy. This is the first time that the Blobmoji Pit contributed to the collective power of Baratheon.

2,010th Hallowtide PartyEdit

This Hallowtide Party was a special case. The Doodle Engine soulcrafted Servant Vampire, and the powerful Flareleaf Spirit while the number of burdenates raiding the pit started rising rapidly.

Servant Vampire and Flareleaf found a "Fake Baratheon" that started to take contributors to the grave, as Vampire and Flareleaf started running in fear, and found baratheon, who scored his 750,000th kill against the fake Baratheon.

2,011th Hallowtide PartyEdit

The Doodle Engine generates six large pumpkins.

2,012th Hallowtide PartyEdit

The Doodle Engine generates several lifestates. Both Hallowtide and Blobmoji were blinded by the ludicrous power of the Once upon a Princess methuselah, which resulted on Sofia I 18 days after the Hallowtide Party.

2,013th Hallowtide PartyEdit

The Doodle Engine generated something similar to the 2004th Hallowtide Party. The witch and cauldron are more powerful, and comes already with four objects for the cauldron. Baratheon killed his 850,000th burdenate with help from the witch

2,014th Hallowtide PartyEdit

The Doodle Engine generated much more than just two antropomorphic pumpkins. Tengrimu, an extremely dangerous falcon albatross attempted to raid the site. Baratheon traps Tengrimu with Temporal Rift and kicks Tengrimu off with a burst of Shadow Eruption, with Baratheon saying

  • It seems that the falcon that tried to savagely kill me here was too dangerous for the rest of us to handle! Hopefully one will recruit a witch, and the falcon shall be done for.

2,015th Hallowtide PartyEdit

The doodle Engine generated Four extremely powerful Witches - red, yellow, green and blue. The Stylling Shells wanted the Yellow Witch the most, an dhave recruited several bats and Momo the Wizard Cat.

Yellow Witch started dogfighting Tengrimu, but Tengrimu is able to swoop attack faster than Yellow Witch can, but Tengrimu was caught in Baratheon's Temporal Rift once again. Yellow Witch crashed in to do enormous damage to Tengrimu, but both still survives such a hit. Baratheon says:

  • How much dogfighting does it take to slay such a malevolent gargoyle?

a-lpha helped the sent isonicons (inclusing a vampire, skeleton, and a cat) give Baratheon what he wants, in addition to killing about 20 burdenates.

2,016th Hallowtide PartyEdit

The burdenate influx increased once again. Tengrimu sent out a horde of killer clown clastrones, and Tengrimu somewhat tried to deal with Baratheon's Temporal Rift. The biggest thing though, is that the Google Doodle engine evolved Momo the Cat to be a "Burdenate Ghost Slayer". Only one isonicon visited the alphaverse.

2,017th Hallowtide PartyEdit

Now that Tengrimu had been killed by the Styllings in April, Baratheon expected that the Hallowtide Pit would not have any more powerful raiders. This turned out to be false, but downplayed. The Karthus disaster took place prior to the Hallowtide Party, causing the Styllings that killed Tengrimu to be outcasted and exiled. The Shifelings were easy to fend off because the Doodle Engine generated Jinx, with a large number of transformations, including a Princess Spirit, with ~10,750 power score.

The Karthiumscope was used in finding the Karthium bosses of Demonishife, Pumpgrim Reaper and the Battered Survuvalist Scarecrow in Karthus' Lair. Only 5 isonicons visited the alphaverse. They were a Skeleton, a Zombie (maybe clown), a Pirate, a Vampire, and a Wolf. It was more significant that more lumojites from various empires, including spirits, elves, vampires and wizards could recover Baratheon, and he killed 25,000 more burdenates.

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