The 2019th Hallowtide Party hosted by Baratheon in the Hallowtide Pit is a rare annual event where he invites millions of lumicons to heal him after killing about 100,000 burdenates in the past 12 months.


The ominous horror of Hallowtide may be lessened by the effects of The Haze Tragedy: Disaster of Mystery. Five months prior to that event, Hyper Spicy Gerald burned down Haunted Hollow, the greatest site in the hallowtide Pit, raised by Redditheon on October 13, 2018.

On June 1, 2019, Enviroballers told Lord Baratheon about the recent attack, motivating Baratheon to defeat Hyper Spicy.

On June 14, Baratheon noticed that the Legendary Unicorn has mastered a Delta-Move, reinforcing Baratheon's hopes of defeating Hyper Spicy.

The Karthiumscope Observations on the Kisookolings and the Owobot engine may reinforce Baratheon's hopes, as with the incident on July 29 that made Beta Hutor shocked about seeing falling debris from the Green color Constant.

On September 21, the alphaverse did not see new Redditoria with over 8,000 powerscore. Instead they saw the Eldritch Frame, who transforms the corpse of Baratheon's Sphinx into a Pharaoh.

During eventEdit

As Hyper Spicy Gerald has not been defeated by October 1, 2019, which is 1 year after Project DotA started, the Disaster of Mystery continues into the 2019th Hallowtide Party.

Lord Baratheon tells everyone in the Hallowtide Pit about the incidents between November 2018 and now, including the above incidents. Baratheon also mentions his dead sphinx and congratulates Eldritch Frame for resurrecting Baratheon's Sphinx in the form of a pharaoh.

By the time October reaches the ultimate final day, he plans on defeating Hyper Spicy with his army of Halloween lifestates to end the disaster for once. Lord Baratheon still does not know that this karthium boss exists, as she appeared from far behind the Blobmoji Pit.

As soon as the month reached October, THE GROUP becomes the first site to take effect of the Hallowtide Party.

On October 5, despite the brainwash caused by the Karthium boss/Lundstrom Clone, a-lpha used a Discord Tetramount Port as an active reservoir to clean out the dust in the room built during Project Dot-A, so that the Hallowtide Party has some action in the Red Color Constant, which did not happen much in the previous.

On October 12, Kisooko soulcrafted "Spooky Season Girl", 24 days after she soulcrafted Kisooko Jr.

Open Lobby 351, The_Group_Halloween_Event_of_October_13,_2019 and Octo-berfest_event_of_October_19,_2019 were hosted under the influence of this Hallowtide Party

On October 13, 2019, it was revealed that Eldrich Frame left the Reddit Tetramount to fend off Young Demonishife with Redditorium Knight to protect the Discord Tetramount. At Hallowtide, they tell Baratheon that Young Demonishife exists.

On October 22, 2019, 37 new lifestates appeared in the Isle of Hallowtide. This is a year and nine days after the first time the Isle of Hallowtide celebrated Hallowtide in 2018.

The Final DayEdit

On that day, the following ramp-ups have occurred:

  1. A new animal has been made for the Owobot Engine at roughly 10:00:00 in the Warpler; it is not part of Kisooko's Ark.
  2. The Warpler has been inhabited by the Spirit of halloween in only the second Operation Break
  3. The Doodle Engine has soulcrafted 6 animals with two transformation states each, as with an Owl Witch
  4. On November 1, Season 13 at the Isle of Hallowtide started.

As a-lpha said that Hyper Spicy Gerald had not been defeated by October, Beta Hutor set some goals for how many lifestates visit the alphaverse. She set up this:

  1. Isonicons without costumes: 0 points
  2. Isonicons with costumes: 1 points
  3. Isonicons that are dressed as leprechauns, high-performance landtenders or mermaids: 2 points
  4. Isonicopns dressed as super-life: 3 points

Beta Hutor said something about this. “If Halloween (the main force of our monument’s power) fails, we are doomed. If

  1. no isonicon visits our monument, we are doomed by Hyper Spicy
  2. less than 28 isonicons visit our monument, Hyper Spicy Gerald will be hit, but will still persist into 2020
  3. less than 42 isonicons visit our monument, Hyper Spicy Gerald will be hurt, and will die by December.
  4. less than 56 isonicons visit our monument, Hyper Spicy Gerald will be injured, and will die before November 18
  5. less than 70 isonicons visit our monument, Hyper Spicy Gerald will die, and Young Demonishife will be spared
  6. more than 70 isonicons visit our monument, Hyper Spicy Gerald will die, and so will Young Demonishife”

Basically, if more isonicons visit the alphaverse than in 2018, the Disaster of Mystery will end in three weeks, after Baratheon, Mercury or Sofia I kill Hyper Spicy Gerald and Young Demonishife

The Results of the Hallowtide PartyEdit

The number of isonicons visiting the alphaverse outnumbered sharply on the themed players we have seen. 30 batches entered with a total of 150 Isonicons:

  1. Undead: 39
    1. Skeletons: 15
    2. Zombies: 13
      1. 2 Zombie Princesses
      2. 1 Zombie Ninja
      3. 1 Zombie Nurse
    3. Day of the Dead: 4
    4. Vampire: 3
    5. Reaper: 2
    6. Ghost: 1
    7. Ghoul: 1
  2. Magic Users:7
    1. Witches: 6
      1. 1 Spider Witch
    2. Mage: 1
  3. Creepy Creatures: 7
    1. Cats: 4
    2. Pumpkin Plant: 1
    3. Bat: 1
    4. Spider: 1
  4. Scary Figures: 11
    1. Devils: 3
    2. Clowns: 3
    3. Jokers: 2
    4. Creepy Creature: 1
    5. Gangster: 1
    6. Monster: 1
  5. Franchise characters: 4
    1. 2 Screams
    2. 1 Chewbacca
    3. 1 Anonymous
  6. Other:4
    1. 1 American Footballer
    2. 1 Nun
    3. 1 Student
    4. 1 Rabbit
  7. 20 of the 98 Isonicons who have visited had unknown costumes

98 of the 150 Isonicons that visited the alphaverse were in costumes, 2 of which exceeded 7000 powerscore, and the score boils down to 100.

  1. The first costumed Isonicon visited the alphaverse at 17:42:00, meeting the first goal
  2. The second goal was met at 18:28:00.
  3. The third goal was met at 18:38:00.
  4. The fourth goal was met at 18:47:00. At that point, Lord Baratheon has killed Hyper Spicy Gerald.
  5. The fifth and final goal was met at 19:27:00. At that pount, Lord Baratheon has killed Young Demonishife, and this marks the end of The Haze Tragedy: Disaster of Mystery.
  6. The last batch of isonicons appeared at 20:56:00, one hour after the previous.
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