The 2018th Hallowtide Party hosted by Baratheon in the Hallowtide Pit is a rare annual event where he invites millions of lumicons to heal him after killing about 100,000 burdenates in the past 12 months.

2010th, 2015th, 2016th and 2017th Hallowtide PartiesEdit

Main Article: Baratheon's Hallowtide Parties 731 to 2017

In the 2010th Hallowtide Party, Spirit Flareleaf was contributing, but there was a "Fake Baratheon" a shifeling smoke phantom, who is the second strongest burdenate that Baratheon defeated as of today.

In the 2015th Hallowtide Party, a-lpha helped the sent isonicons (inclusing a vampire, skeleton, and a cat) give Baratheon what he wants, in addition to killing about 20 burdenates. Yellow Witch, the strongest catflailer in a large portion of the Versesystem was contributing the most.

In the 2016th Hallowtide Party, there were much fewer isonicons because Tengrimu and his killer clown clastrones have took over the pit, and Nightshade Therian was sent out there for the first time. Only one isonicon went to the alphaverse hither. It was one of the pre-shocks to the Unlucky November.

The Karthiumscope was used in finding the Karthium bosses of Demonishife, Pumpgrim Reaper and the Battered Survuvalist Scarecrow durng the 2017th Hallowtide Party. Only 5 isomnicons visited the alpaverse. They were a Skeleton, a Zombie (maybe clown), a Pirate, a Vampire, and a Wolf. It was more significant that more lumojites, including spirits, elves, vampires and wizards could recover Baratheon, and he killed 25,000 more burdenates.

This is the first time Redditoria have been attending. Redditorium Page to Baratheon has been helping, along with Golde Nightshade.


Grassen Nightshade left the alphaverse once the initial phase of the event started, but could still be seen especially 29 days after.

Project DotA started 1029 milliseconds after the event started. It was completed in 2 days, and the alphaverse warpled to Dimension 17763 a few days later.

Spirits, wizards and elves could be more common because Silvan is one of them, and fallen Blood Moss is a vampire. 3 Redditoria will also be taking part in what's called the Baratheon's Redditorium Squad (Redditoria IDs 363, 450 and 1450).

On October 13, 2019, Redditheon raised Haunted Hollow in place of Fortune Forest in the Isle of Hallowtide. This is the greatest site in that location, with 7,979 powerscore. Lord Baratheon himself even visited that mansion.

First seen on October 25, 2018 was that the Green Color Constant (including the leader) will contribute to Baratheon's feeding.

[09:00] BRETTZz: @Friends Hey Warriors

It's time for the next event..... ....The Happy Halloween War

will take place on Wednesday, 31-10-2018 on Halloween. This event is for the member of the "Pirates Pub Server".

We now want to know from you when the event should begin . The War Date is Wednesday 31 of October Please vote for your favourite starting time.......

one: 4 PM GMT+2
two: 6 PM GMT+2
three: 8 PM GMT+2

The Pub and the rest of AgarCCI will be co-hosting the final phase of the event with the Discord of the Alphaverse, and the theme will be this: [1]

It will start at 17:10:00 UTC but The Pub's event will start 110 minutes later.

At the start of October 27, 2018, Atom will host Open Lobby 297 and this will support the feeding of Baratheon.

On October 24, 2019, it was revealed that Bxner fed Baratheon as a wereprachaun, an extremely rare hybrid of a Leprechaun and a Werewolf

The EventEdit

The number of isonicons visiting the alphaverse outnumbered sharply on the themed players we have seen. 16 batches entered with a total of 56 isonicons:

  1. 8 Skeletons
  2. 6 Zombies
  3. 4 Witches
  4. 3 Clowns
  5. 3 Day Of The dead characters
  6. 2 Vampires
  7. 2 Ghosts
  8. 2 Pirates
  9. 2 Pumpkins
  10. 2 Mummies
  11. 2 Warpler Paladins
  12. 2 Fictional criminals
  13. 1 Reaper
  14. 1 Witch doctor
  15. 1 Alien
  16. 1 Princess
  17. 1 Cat
  18. 1 Mermaid
  19. 1 Landtender
  20. 1 Anonymous
  21. 1 Mannequin
  22. 1 Cheerleader
  23. 1 Singer
  24. 1 Engineer
  25. 1 Reindeer
  26. 5 others

, and the peak score was 5337. This shows that the Jack-O-Lantern is elevenfold powerful at bringing isonicons to the alphaverse.

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