The Apple Tower is a warpler monument that wants lumojites in there to match those around other monuments.


Completed in 1983 from a warpler in the Versesystem and later captured by Team Propietarius.

In 2002, a tsunami moved one of its experimental shells to the Alphaverse.

Generation 1: November 22, 2008Edit

Lumicons pick up Merma's Shell and take it to Zeldaforme. A few lumicons start growing in their lab.

Generation 3: October 12, 2011Edit

Merma (Golde element) hatches and leaves the alphaverse and goes to an Aquarium monument.

Generation 4: March 8, 2012Edit

More lumojites grow, and a few lumojites are able to release their fixation of their own gender.

Generation 5: September 19, 2012Edit

Unrelated to the changes, a conversation in the Reddit Tetramount takes place about the things above

Generation 6: April 8, 2015Edit

A very large Golde lumicon dies there and gets mixed in to its large lab, making gold-haired lumojites possible.

Generation 8: October 27, 2015Edit

More panoramium cells develop.

Generations 10 and 11: 13 September and 12 December, 2016Edit

Residing emojis change and the people get stronger

Generation 13: 31 October, 2017Edit

2 spirits from that Hallowtide Party, with 6 others, enter the tower.

Generation 15: March 29, 2018Edit

The Skull and Dragons are more powerful, and the new Skull could influence the other skulls to become more powerful


When burdenates there find out that an individual cell does not match theirs well enough, burdenates will go ahead and savage it or its empire. Rolleye is an example, and it's one of the main causes of its death.

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