Alphaverse War 1 is the time in the alphaverse from 10000 BC to 8500 BC where the Lumicons were fighting burdenates, but the Burdenates won the fight.


  1. Initiating event: 10000 BC: Karthus is born
  2. 9999 BC: Karthus' first burdenate
  3. 9480 BC: Lumicons use the fortress for the first time
  4. 9000 BC: Karthus summons Pumpgrim Reaper and Demonishife
  5. Denouncement: 8500 BC: Fortress destroyed

In DepthEdit

Once Karthus was born in his lair, he used his blood moon to summon burdenates to destroy buildings in the pit, but the lumicons saw them and started fighting. They eventually got to use the Fortress after several mansions got destroyed. Over the years, Karthus eventually was able to summon the first two Karthium Bosses Pumpgrim Reaper and Demonishife, and they destroyed the fortress about 500 years later.

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