The alphaverse is a vast structure that houses every character in a-lpha's fantasy experience.

Structure Edit

It is a massive leading area with the lumiLab from center to end, the center is the Pole of Leadership, Zeldaforme and the area holding its power.

Characters Edit

Main Article: Characters of the Alphaverse

History Edit

  1. 10000BC: Lumicons and Burdenates fought eachother but Burdenates took the victory, leading the formation of the OOMB Adventure pit
  2. 8000BC: The OOMB Adventure pit forms
  3. 6000BC: Lumicons came back from their bushes and took revenge over the burdenates and Lumicons took their victory over them, using their resources for one big project.
  4. 4000BC: The OOMB pit has turned into a massive stone area.
  5. 3000BC: The LumiLab has been built
  6. 0 AD: The Pole of Leadership has been built
  7. 1500 AD: Zeldaforme, the Z-Bridge and the 3 support lines have been built. As of this time, it looks like what would be in Inside Out with no deep ravine. At this point it separates from the Adventure pit.
  8. 1710 AD: Karthus summons The Copyright
  9. 1900 AD: The Tetramounts and the 3 color constants have been built
  10. 1998 AD: The alphaverse moves on through space into the cloudy sky
  11. 2000 AD: The alphaverse is complete
  12. August 24, 2001: Nightshade Empire becomes the enviroball leader
  13. January 30 2007: The alphaverse's background is now replaced with aurora caused by the Aurora Vista lumojite in the Enviroball
  14. August 31, 2007: Flying imps attack Vista's Cat and Demonishife lures it, while Burdenates build 3 KM off Karthus' Lair and build The Warpler, and 470 characters get lured there.
  15. October 30, 2007: A volcano erupts in Karthus' Lair, throwing oil rocks and a critically violent nazar
  16. November 22, 2008: Lumicons find Merma's Shell
  17. June 2, 2009: The LumiLab starts operating, producing strong lumicons known as Semi-lumojites of Lufermons
  18. October 22, 2009: The alphaverse's background is replace with a heavenly background with small plants and peace birds caused by the Vienna lumojite
  19. Some time in 2011: The lumicons and burdenates in the Warpler reduce to 260; warpler louts enter the Warpler as their permanent residence
  20. October 2011: Merma hatches and leaves the alphaverse
  21. September 4, 2012: The first Grand Pix Overhaul. The LumiLab will now be able to make spirit lufermons
  22. October 26, 2012: Aurora Vista and Vienna lumojites run back to dimension 16299, while the Pole of Leadership Empire enters the Pole of Leadership]]
  23. April
  24. June 16, 2014: Pumpgrim unearths an Oil rock skull, Tengrimu, Namahagrim and Thar from Karthus' Lair,
  25. September 2, 2014: LumiLab no longer makes spirits, but makes lumicons stronger, last longer and vice versa. Later technology prevents them from being moved by Vista's Cat.
  26. July 2015: The highest population of lumicons reached
  27. July 2015: The alphaverse returns to space in dimension 10240
  28. April 14, 2015: Tengrimu Pyroclastic Empire raids the pole of Leadership Empire, and the pix flakes resuling from that disaster overloaded the lumilab, creating
  29. August 2, 2016: Diemnsion 14393 opens, One Celebrity is born
  30. August 22, 2016: Electrotraitor disaster ends
  31. December 25, 2016: a-lpha opens the Z-gate and builds the Media Spire
  32. December 25, 2016: The 2016-a-artifacts are born
  33. May 12, 2017: Beta Hutor is born
  34. May 17, 2017: The Karthus disaster takes place, destroying most of the Pole of Leadership Empire and making many Shifelings and Pole of Leadership Burdenates that caused a large number of Dislike attacks. 3 days later, the Media Spire was upgraded to increase the value of Media.
  35. August 21, 2017: Karthus disaster ends.
  36. October 17, 2017: The alphaverse moves to dimension 16299 and Aurora Vista and Vienna lumojites enter the alphaverse, who now stop the box floods caused by the second grand pix overhaul
  37. October 31, 2017: Final phase of the Second Grand Pix Overhaul starts, ending on February 12, 2018
  38. November 2, 2017: Start of another Electrotraitor disaster
  39. December 10, 2017: Phase 2 of the Second Electrotraitor disaster lured Rolleye
  40. December 16, 2017: Lumicons overcome dislikes with likes
  41. December 24, 2017: The first lumojite retrograde, [πŸ‘°] 4484 becomes the 2017 a-artifact, summoned by an Ogre
  42. December 31, 2017: Discovery of a tier 10 lumojite formed by Electrotraitor disaster: Glowforce X; a month later, an earlier lumojite with the same tier was found with less pix and similar to QTKO and more natural, but never entered the alphaverse
  43. January 2, 2018: Cobra, a tier 7 lumojite retrograde [πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸŽ€] briefly appeared on the arena and was lost to disconnection
  44. January 15, 2018: Strong winds blow into the alphaverse. This was caused by Pumpgrim, once again, using Cyclone Scythe, indicating it's close to the end of the Electrotraitor disaster.
  45. January 19, 2018: a-lpha has hit 100 subscribers
  46. January 31, 2018: Glowforce X [πŸ§šβ€β™€οΈ], Monody Bowie [πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ€] and Blue Blood Moon [πŸ§›β€β™€οΈ] enter within 50km of the alphaverse; Rolleye, Glowforce 8, Celebrity Mascot, Gigglish and Heartbound Kissy all die, marking the near-end of the second Electrotraitor disaster during the Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse. Other highlights include Strong winds and a rainbow caused by Pumpgrim and Glowforce X respectively
  47. February 8, 2018: Glowforce X and more lumojites enter the edge of the alphaverse, marking the end of the Electrotraitor disaster. All "πŸ™Œ" lumojites are extinct.
  48. February 24, 2018: Wim starts crossteaming with British demon, starting the British Demon Disaster.
  49. April 15, 2018: One Celebrity has been revived, creating a permanent residence in the Warpler
  50. April 17, 2018: Second phase of the British Demon disaster occurs
  51. May 6, 2018: Partners of Shife attacks the Media Spire, making the next export late

Future Edit

  1. 2020 AD: The third Grand Pix Overhaul is likely to have happened by this year, affecting current lumicons in their pix-scavenging nature
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