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The YouTube channel is linked to Gaming, it currently has 161 subscribers; you can check it out here.


  1. OOMB concepts: Orders_of_Magnitude_Battle#WikiaArticleComments
  2. Articles (since this wiki is under construction): Message Wall:Ozziene



Pole of Leadership

  • [Defcon 5] Subscribers: [183/183], Approval: [36:13], Subscriber traffic: [11:4]. WARNING: Burdenates have fired 12 darts at the Media Spire on July 1, 2018. No dislikes in 26 consecutive days.


  • [Defcon 5] Discord: No past incidents
  • [Defcon 5] Reddit: No darts fired at karma stash in the last 7 days
  • [Defcon 5] Wikia: No conflict
  • [Defcon 5] Wikimedia: No recent warnings. Go here to track burdenate attacks

Color constants

  • [Defcon 1] Red: FFA : TOO MANY TEAMERS
  • [Defcon 4] Red: Teams: Low clingers, xteamers and betrayers
  • [Defcon ?] Red: Battleroyale
  • [Defcon 1] Red: Experimental: TOO MANY TEAMERS
  • [Defcon ?] Red: Party mode
  • [Defcon 4] Red: No severe lag
  • [Defcon 4] Red: No severe lag
  • [Defcon 4] Green: No recent dislike attacks
  • [Defcon ?] Blue


  • [Defcon 5]: No burdenates are currently invading

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