There will be a rare civil war against an un-attached port of the Discord Tetramount.


[9:08 AM] Bitcheh ๐Ÿ˜‡: @everyone we have been challanged. Well not rlly but am taking the challange anyway, this event is most likely gonna take place on Eu. Keep that in mind. Please checkmark with a heavy thick below if you're interested in a :crossed_swords: chat v.s chat war.
 :crossed_swords: CHAT Versus CHAT Update :crossed_swords:
Hello! thank you for those who applied so fast, Now the more detailed update with the plan.

Basic event infoEdit

  • Teammode EU
  • Sunday the 26th 8PM Gmt+2 (European time, 7PM Uk time)
  • The pub (Blackjack&Missfriendly's chat) VS Cels VS Notorious (this might change later, will update if it does)
  • Only 12 players (or less) allowed due to fairness, thats the amount that agreed to play for the pub so we cant go past that, sorry for everyone signing up after.. but we gotta keep it a little bit fair.


Pick ONE chat you will play for, you cant play for cels & notorious at the same time because we will be playing at the same time, (seems pretty basic dont it :innocent:) No incogs allowed, you play with your own name + a symbol i will figure out later to represent your chat, No xteaming or any funny bussiness it is a war after all so lets keep it fair and in a good spirit.
I will add more info as im still getting updates & plans change ofcourse, but for those who sign up remember you gotta be present SUNDAY THE 26TH if you cannot play sunday please delete your previous checkmark

A simplified version of the message has been posted on August 22 [3:35 PM]:Edit

crossed_swords: Chat war information :crossed_swords:
  • Date: Sunday the 26th.
  • Chats: The pub V.S C.E.L'S V.S Notorious.
  • Time: 8PM GMT+2 / 7PM UK Time.
  • Goal: We're going to play 3 rounds on 3 different servers, the team with the most TA'S (75%) Win's the event. if it happens to lead to 1-1-1 we'll play a additional round to settle the score.
  • Rules: No crossteaming, every chat will get a symbol assigned to put in their names you MUST play with this symbol to represent your chat, Dont show mercy for opposing teams its a war, you fight.


A poll opened on August 25, 2018 at 4PM UTC. This determines 4 default symbols and others that Bullit can provide using DM

2 more final annoucements came on the war day (August 26, 2018)Edit

[2:11 PM] Bitcheh ๐Ÿ˜‡: @โš” Chatwarriors โš” This is the final team results, nothing will change anymore after this, Please keep in mind that the war starts in 4 hours. soo make sure you are READY to play by then. quick update on the plan,

- We're playing best out of three, (This means whoever gets 2 points first wins) - The first 20/30 Min of playing are Save This means, if a team was to get a ta whitin 20 minutes it does not count, keep in mind tho that after 20 min pass, everything counts. we wont change servers, we wont wait for things to balance out, if a team gets a ta in 10 min that means the other 2 teams have 10 minutes to fight that ta otherwise its over. - If it ends up in 1-1-1 We'll play an additional round to settle the score. - After EVERY TA where a team wins that is, we change servers, to balance out luck and randoms etc. so yes, we are well aware that recaptcha and everything surrounding it is going to be a nightmare. especially with so many players involved. - All warplayers, MUST put their teams symbol in their usernames.

if you guys have any questions please send me a private message ^_^

[5:00 PM] Bitcheh ๐Ÿ˜‡: @โš” Chatwarriors โš” LAST HOUR untill the war begins, please react the :salute: emoji down below the message to show you READ it and are present.


Round 1Edit

While the red team was doing well, the game got brigraded by a few xteamers and Squad stacking the green team, but PiouPiou was watching the event and would decide that Red wins.

However, the event forfeited and nobody won and the round will be replayed tomorrow with a fairness update

:crossed_swords: UPDATE :crossed_swords:Edit

New rules will be added for a time and fairness, we've decided to forfeit this round cuz of fairness issue's. tomorrow same time we're playing again.

Round 1 RematchEdit

[11:32 AM] Bitcheh ๐Ÿ˜‡: @โš” Chatwarriors โš” okay. Tonight there will be a war. Same time. But tonight with rules. Ill update yall with the rules and ๐Ÿคฌ when I'm on my laptop. Tonight they are gonna have a vote if they wanna change teams yes or no. If they dont care teams stay as it is.

3 hours later, they opened a private and temporary Discord Server for the chatwarriors. Announcement will be taken to Zeldaforme immediately.

In game, the reds won 2 turnarounds but the first one didn't count because it was too fast:

[6:25 PM] Kimmy: @everyone red is waiting until the server is balanced again, the first ta was too fast
[6:25 PM] Kimmy: keep on playing in this server
[6:48 PM] Kimmy: @everyone the chat owners and piou agreed, team red won the first round (we got ta in the beginning but didnt let tht count but we just got it again)

we are looking for another server now to start the second round

Round 2Edit

All colors had an intense fight, even against crossteamers. It boiled down to blue winning even though at the exact point, the leaderboard was contested

Round 3Edit

Like the first round, there were few crossteamers and reds made the turnaround quickly, but a-lpha was more involved this time


Round 1Edit

  1. Level 80
  2. Seeing a lumojite

Round 1 RematchEdit

  1. Stupid recaptcha
  2. Targeted by popsplit

Round 2Edit

  1. [1]
  2. [2]

Round 3Edit

  1. Seeing an enviroball guard

Post eventEdit

  1. [3]
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