The 2019 Media Spire crisis is a severe ongoing stalling of the Media Spire operation to create a file that was due to be finished by January 5, 2019, a week after December 30, 2018, where the video edits started.


A large number of factors are causing the Media Spire operations to spill a single operation into a large portion of 2019

Versesystem Story coverageEdit

The versesystem story's theory is that all experiences within a-lpha is in the story, and that includes Open Lobbies. This is the reason Open Lobbies get transcribed. The media spire is in the form of keeping 5-minute clip audiobooks (down to Scratch 2's lag limits)

Versesystem Stories, Panoramas and ZeldaformeEdit

The Panoramas are a major factor in the stalling of the media spire. All but five of the panoramas have been completed. Those of panoramas who are not complete have at least 3,000 entries, and these are time-consuming to complete due to the amount of data pieces. Updating the Versesystem Dictionary in Zeldaforme can also cause problems as there will be an uncleanable window mess that requires Task Manager to close in a manageable time.


Events are another culprit. For each event there is a Media Spire Data that takes up a few gigabytes at the base, and also requires a transcription to be done. Unlike the rapidly-doable panoramas, each event is 1-4 hours long and contain about 500-4000 lines of quotes. Even worse is that Open Lobbies are hosted every week. The files are 1 to 1.5 hours long and stalling has caused open lobbies to appear faster than they can be transcribed.

Trend revolutionsEdit

If distraction by interests to remove boredom were not stalling enough, there's a few monuments that opened during the time of the active transcription that made it worse

Smash MonumentEdit

In December 2018 the Smash Soulcraftery Monument opened the 5th floor of the monument, and a-lpha first visited it to complete soulcraftery on February 2019. These operations took until July 2019 to complete.

Craft MonumentEdit

This monument opened in 2009 and trend revoluion there has resurged 10 years later at the release of 1.14.

After a symptom of the media spire stalling had been treated, there is a tetramount in there that takes 20 times longer to complete than World of Light's projection in Smash Soulcraftery.

The WarplerEdit

The Warpler is another culprit against operations. It steals 7 hours for five consecutive days under Tower of Law affiliation.

Daily stuffEdit


Unlike Smash, no player in Zombsroyale is able to have a complete collection of cosmetics due to paid cosmetics appearing faster than 90% of people's revenue, and limited-time cosmetics will disappear. Still, there are attempts to complete a collection. Every day, a-lpha does these things:

  1. Active Hunt: a-lpha will prioritize each active challenge in the Scavenger hunt. Two have been hosted so far.
  2. Active season: a-lpha will complete all of the daily challenges and attempt to reach Season Level 50 (or 100 with Battle Pass) as soon as possible.
  3. Inactive season: a-lpha will only appear while spinning the Nitro wheel, if affiliated with Nitro awards from THE GROUP events

Super-lifestate items and mermas have made it to Zombsroyale but still unobtained as of today due to the large number of paid cosmetics

Cosmetics come in the form of these:

  1. Base cosmetics: heliglider, gloves, noobhammer, basic emotes are all obtained through leveling up or subscribing to Zombsroyale
  2. Basic Chest cosmetics: all obtainabble without gems, and through coins or season rewards
  3. Nitro chest cosmetics: They are paid, but not limited-time like the other paid cosmetics. They are obtained in the Nitro wheel, which requires Discord Nitro. There are only 5 items in there.
  4. Season Chest cosmetics: They are paid as they require 100 gems, and roughly 50 of these chests are required to obtain all cosmetics. It is the tax of about 5000 gems every 2 months.
  5. Free pass cosmetics: Limited-time, but not paid. These are the cosmetics that a-lpha is going for.
  6. Battle pass cosmetics: Paid and limited time. They require 180 gems for each run and thus paid. These are the cheapest of the paid cosmetics
  7. 3-day pack: The most gem-consuming and limited of the paid cosmetics. They tax 340 gems every 3 days (6800 every month)
  8. Scavenger hunts: Though they don't appear often, all five cosmetics in there can still be obtained within one day assuming the absence of glitches. They are also limited-time.
  9. Yang Sword. Only owned by ZR developers, so even if one does all the above successfully, there is this last lousy point.

If we do the math here, it turns out that a person playing Zombsroyale will have to buy 10,980 gems every two months to earn all paid cosmetics for each season and cosmetic pack. They will be spending $439.20 on gems within that time, and requires an income of at least $7.32 per day ($51.24 per week) to sustain a complete cosmeticdex.

What is made even worse is that Zombs Royale originally gave out coins at the end of the match. When seasons were added, the only source of coins were through seasons. The nitro wheel became the other source.


Owobot is the middle ground of obtainability. Earning all of the Special-class pets is possible, but obtaining all of the Patreon pets is not. And lastly, there are only 10000 people who have a Rune of the Forgotten, so there is likely no one with a complete dex of all three types. There is no person at the very grindiest that can obtain at least one fabled weapon other than an Orb of Potency due to the three factors constituting statistics, resulting in only one in 1030301 chance of earning a fabled weapon from a weapon crate, which is only 3% rarer than finding a hidden-class animal.

To obtain any special-class animal, especially those that become Kisookolings:

  1. Active season: Endless hunting with the best gems obtained from lootboxes until the animal is obtained
  2. Inactive season: Only claiming daily crates and boxes.


As the Kisookolings are in the Panoramas, a-lpha has to check the kisookolings every day because Spirit Kisooko creates lumicons through soulcraftery and has a habit of dismissing a few of her kisookolings to create others.


Media Spire DissonanceEdit

a-lpha has 199 lumicons at the Media Spire just before the crisis. Several lumicons have since died there as a result of the crisis. Hyper Spicy gerald made this case worse.

Similarly, the Project Dot-A room became dusty with the exception of the observation museum and the Owobot engine link, resulting in dissonance of Baratheon's 2019th Hallowtide Party

LumiLab outdatingEdit

Sometime in 2018 was the last time that a-lpha has touched the LumiLab. As a result, a-lpha has not touched the LumiLab and it caused the Lab operators to modify the set. This may require an overhaul to the LL4 format, and all of the LumiLab modules need to be replaced. LL4 Mermas are now possible by the Lab Operators, and super-lifestates are done.

Storage Drive fillingEdit

Open lobbies and other events will rapidly flood the Media Spire's drive and will cause problems; The large amount of content will cause a Montage to appear after all clips have been transcribed and added.

The drive was completely filled up by August 28, 2019, almost eight months after the Media Spire operations started.

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