A rare event hosted by Flim will take place on 22 June 2019 to celebrate 3 year-anniversary of JP's leaderboard writing.


19 June: [19:34] WIM: Dear fella player,

Around 2 years ago, something really special happened. A server got created, named Flim. Flim has been very active in the past, lots of people get nostalgia when thinking about that server and it's time to celebrate it's existence of 2 years. We want to combine this with many good, old and well-known agario players. You don't need to be part of Flim or something related to that server, it's celebration is the motive to organize something really nice.

We want to host another type of the 'writing on the leaderboard'. This has been hosted 3 years ago by JP itself. and the teammode community has changed a lot, many players left, even more players entered and it's still in movement.

The event will be hosted on the 22th of June. This is a saturday. Time: 19:30 Amsterdam time (GMT+2)

To organize this in the best way, we would humbly ask you to keep this message privately and secretly until the event has happened. This to prevent crashers and unpleasant moments during the event.

[19:34] WIM: If you receive this message, you are 1 of the 20 people we've chosen for the event. 10 of them will be forming a sentence, and 10 of the others will be helping to get and keep the dominance for the time required to succeed the event. You are 1 of the 10 who'd we ask to help the writers make the sentence on the leaderboard. Your function is really important and acquires good assisting, overview and skills. We haven't thought about a sentence yet, but im pretty sure we will have a good one with your input sooner or later, we picked you because you have been playing agario for along time and deserved to be in this

If you can't make it that time or you are not willing to participate, make that clear to us and we will invite another person. Don't share this at all, no matter if you can play or not, no matter if your best friend is invited or not. We have arranged a server to organize this much better. To be part of the event, you need to join that server :blush:


Wim, Bxtch and Floris

May 20, 2019 [18:39] WIM: Room for information:Edit

In this server we will host the event taking place at the 22th of June 2019 Event: Writing on the leaderboard Sentence: Still open, come up with some amazing suggestions:) Time: 19:30 GMT +2

Admins: Wim, Bxtch and Floris

10 People will be forming a sentence on the leaderboard, the other ones are helpers and support the other 10 people

[18:40] WIM: Rules:Edit

    • Keep this server private and don't show anyone nor invite anyone this server
    • If you can't make it that day, let us know as soon as possible. So we can adjust on time and make everything alright
    • We don't know if we can make it in the first attempt. If not, then we will pick another date
    • If there are any questions, don't hesitate to ask them in #questions

[20:09] WIM: @noshuru 🥝 @tla @Mel @blurry @Chechen @Csi @floris❤ @Khazra.🐺 @Switch @XeonAlpha Thanks all for joining the server! We hope this will be an amazing event and we will succeed to write the leaderboard. And please keep it friendly, because the world is all about love :heart:

26 May 2019[21:08] WIM: @@everyone

As i can see, several people have been leaving the server due to toxicity in other situations. Please be aware that this server is all about love and that its really unnecessary to leave this one.

Moreover, since some people left, we have some new available places for people who havent been invited. If u have any suggestions, send them to me in pm. If there's not enough people before monday night, we will pick others. (this only counts for helpers, some helpers will be writers now)

Have a great week all :heart:

18 June 2019 [09:20] WIM: @everyone saturday is coming closer!!!! Im very excited and i hope u too. Have u practiced ur splitrunning?

If u cant make it unfortunately, can u let me know before tomorrow? Then we will re-arrange the writers and helpers and invite some more people.

Seeya saturday!!!

  • [09:21] WIM: And btw, we will use the sentence Nismo suggested
  • 19 June 2019 [09:27] WIM: @everyone alright, so i assume that everyone who didn't respond will be there and help to get the amazing project done
  • 20 June 2019 [12:12] WIM: @everyone i'd recommend everyone to pick a duo-partner to splitrun with before we take over the dominance. It would be annoying if u only play on yourself or teaming up with 3 people
  • 21 June 2019 [16:22] WIM: @everyone a bit more than 1 hour left!!!

Attempt OneEdit

[17:30] WIM: @everyone

[18:08] WIM: @everyone if we succeed, we will change the writers and the helpers

[19:36] WIM: @everyone thanks all for participating! unfortunately we couldn't make it this time. We got the first 8 names well. We will try it another time, stay tuned!

[19:41] WIM: another message to make stuff clear.

Im truly glad that we did this try, being honest at the start i didn't know if we would make it. Especially if bot-users would rejoin constantly with bots and stuff like what happened.

We have to be proud at ourselves, the coordination was pretty good and we got the first 8 words lining up, that some insane achievement. We learn from our mistakes and will do it better next time.

Lets do a voting system to pick a new date to do the 2nd try, id recommend doing it next saturday, but yea, lets see :joy:

  1. THANKS = Nismo
  2. FOR = Floris
  3. ALL = Leon
  4. THE = TLA
  5. AMAZING = Mel
  6. MEMORIES = Tasteless
  7. AND = XeonAlpha
  8. FRIENDS = Khazra
  9. WE = Nevi
  10. MADE = Redfern


Attempt OneEdit

With ten writers and lots of helpers, everyone managed to get on the leaderboard at several times, but everyone was a very slight fraction away from completion compared to The First Group Anniversary's leaderboard event.


Attempt OneEdit

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  2. [2]
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